Misleading assertion

'Muluki Ain' is undoubtedly based on the moral principles of the shastras and extant traditions including the caste system, but it also recognises the need for timely reforms.


In a recent article, there seem to be some crucial misunderstandings and confusions about the Memorandum of Cooperation Japan and Nepal concluded in 2019, which we fear may complicate the smooth implementation of our agreement.


Following India's example blindly can be construed as the authorities' incapability of formulating independent strategies.

The balancing act

In 2019, Nepal seems to have adopted a non-aligned foreign policy that has seen it stuck. Hopefully, next year will see Nepal utilise its relationship with both to achieve prosperity at last.

Such a shame

The police today, too, is trying to protect the relatives of some ‘democratic Maharajas’ who masquerade as people's representatives.

Superb work

As I have looked through your website, I have managed to piece together a more complete visuality of your beautiful city and it's people--which I look forward to making a reality when I visit.

Food first, taste later

Perhaps we need to instead shift our attention to actually talking about food, and stop clamouring over ‘good taste’, because, in the end, that is only a show of class anxiety.

Clean energy future

Energy from hydroelectric power stations is environmentally friendly and cheap in the long term.

Reduce corruption

When nobody misuses public money and when there are incentives for good work, then it does not take long for the growth to pick up.

Letter to the Editor: Recalibrate how?

The capability of Nepal's foreign policy is being put to a severe test, making us nostalgic of the days when King Mahendra, with little access to China then, had managed to keep the Indian interventionists at bay.

Step in the right direction

Nepal's natural beauty, culture and history should be opened up to the world in a coordinated manner, including learning from global practices in the field.

Plain racism

Do the people in the entertainment industry really think that Madhesis can't act in front of the screen?

Solutions required

There should be more investigative reporting, exposing corrupt practises done by politicians.

End cruelty

Elephants don't give rides willingly--these highly intelligent, socially complex animals are first subjected to violent training programmes

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