Indian travellers can now scan and pay in Nepal

A reciprocal payment service for Nepalis visiting India has been delayed for unspecified reasons. Indian travellers can now scan and pay in Nepal
For Nepalis holding debit cards, the transaction fee to withdraw from Indian banks is expensive. Post file photo
Sangam Prasain & Krishana Prasain
Published at : March 1, 2024
Updated at : March 1, 2024 05:52

Sangam Prasain

Sangam Prasain is Business Editor at The Kathmandu Post, covering tourism, agriculture, mountaineering, aviation, infrastructure and other economic affairs. He joined The Kathmandu Post in October 2009.

Krishana Prasain

Krishana Prasain is a business reporter for The Kathmandu Post covering markets. Before joining The Kathmandu Post in 2018, she spent 3 years in New Business Age magazine covering business.