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A mirror of society

The book explores the complexities of life and consciousness through the suicide of Unni Chacko, a talented cartoonist.

A tangled web of relationships

‘Andhaveg’, written by Balkrishna Sama, which is being screened at Mandala Theatre, shows Pampha and Jaybir navigating social norms and forbidden love in the 1940s.

A journey of resilience

After overcoming caste-based discrimination in her early years, Bishnu Maya Pariyar is now known for tireless efforts in uplifting marginalised communities.

Books make me feel less lonely

Climate justice activist Shreya KC talks about why she likes accurate female representation in literature and how books are her favourite gifts.

What I watch online: Anjila Shrestha

Founder of Manify, Shrestha is a fashion designer, illustrator, stylist and makeup artist. She supports vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free fashion through her brands.

Captives of the past

‘Drive My Car’, based on Haruki Murakami’s story of the same title, evokes strong emotions and shows how not to deal with them.

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