Manushree Mahat

Manushree Mahat is an intern at The Kathmandu Post.

Latest from Manushree Mahat

In the shadows of poverty

The short film ‘Chyanti’ follows a family grappling with poverty and the complexities of the Maoist insurgency in a remote Himalayan village.

The seamlessness of writing

Indian author and poet Janice Pariat talks about the intricacies of character development, genre exploration and the intersection of history and fiction.

An ode to Odisha’s resilience

Amar Kanwar’s exhibition, ‘The Sovereign Forest’, at Nepal Art Council, exposes governmental injustices against indigenous communities through multimedia displays, powerful narratives and tangible evidence.

A physical depiction of inner turmoil

Mandala Theatre’s ‘The Rose: An Awakening Journey of Yashodhara presents an unconventional, dialogue-free exploration of Yashodhara emotional rollercoaster following Siddhartha Gautam’s departure.

A film with much potential

‘Dhak Dhak’ explores the journey of four women seeking self-discovery and companionship. While the movie initially captures the essence of their individuality and friendship, it falters in the later stages, relying on clichés and stereotypes.

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