Who is the monster?

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, ‘Monster’ portrays a tale of identity, complex relationships and social expectations through the perspectives of a single mother, her son and a teacher.

In the shadows of poverty

The short film ‘Chyanti’ follows a family grappling with poverty and the complexities of the Maoist insurgency in a remote Himalayan village.

A breath of fresh air

Yim Soon-rye’s ‘Little Forest’ gently explores the importance of embracing nature, connecting with one’s roots and finding solace in the simple joys in life.

A story of restarts

‘12th Fail’ offers a refreshing tale of motivation through a simple and realistic storyline.

A tale of two wives

The documentary ‘No Winter Holidays’ is a sneak peek into the life, or lack thereof, in Dhorpatan as villagers migrate to the lowlands.

A film with much potential

‘Dhak Dhak’ explores the journey of four women seeking self-discovery and companionship. While the movie initially captures the essence of their individuality and friendship, it falters in the later stages, relying on clichés and stereotypes.

Words unsaid and life unlived

In Alan Yang’s ‘Tigertail’, we see how the life of a joyful Taiwanese kid takes an unfortunate turn as he goes to the US to make ends meet.

When less is more

Joshua Fields Millburn, the New York Times-bestselling author and filmmaker, discusses minimalism and what viewers should take away from his documentaries about this practical lifestyle.

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