Compassion on canvas

Tibetan Thangka master and contemporary artist Anay Ngawang Chodak’s ongoing exhibition explores the depths of compassion and wisdom in humans.

Where tradition and modernity converge

Studio Kishangarh’s exhibition‘Domains of Wonder’ at Siddhartha Art Gallery explores themes of creation, devotion to Lord Krishna and imaginative narratives within vibrant and engaging settings.

Through her third eye

Consisting of stunning arrays of large canvases and sculptures across mediums, Pramila Giri’s third exhibition at the NAC is an encounter that is close to sacred.

Finding solace in dance

Run by Sunil Gupta, the Rudradevi Art Center is a space for over 300 individuals—from children to office goers—to learn different forms of dance.

Art in archiving

Shaili Malla, a young visual artist, is exhibiting paintings inspired by memories at Taragon Next, Bauddha.

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